Jumaat, 4 Februari 2011


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Faster! Faster!!

(i must confess that due to certain circumstances, this blog is not 'fast' in updating entries or design-lay out). Concrete reason?!! who cares? 

Although FASTER is almost to the end, me & bonze only got time to watch it on Wilayah Day~February 1! We were really happy to spend that public holiday:-)

Review of FASTER?
Under 18-violences. But not so sensored.. only kill, die & driving backward dangerously (please don't try in M'sia!!). Read more.....  

*Free 4 thickets  tickets=sponsored by Nuffnang, collaborated with TGV.
Merci beaucoup guys!!

*TGV Kepong, please be Faster to allow us to enter. Not after bonze asked; 2 minutes before show time!! ~ reason for top pix! 

*** Another 2 tickets? kiv.. (sebab ade org takot teraba dalam golap!!)

Tips to Nuffnang Office (14th floor-end lot):
~Heritage House (WISMA WARISAN), Jalan Yap Ah Sak, KL.
1. Just take a cab. Sure the pilot will take u there.
2. Putra LRT Dang Wangi= have to cross the river/road, opposite Yellow Cab. 
3. Monorail Medan Tunku= just < than 10 minutes walk. Behind Sheraton Hotel & opposite Kurnia Insurance building.

# before entre the lift, please register at the counter:-)
terrible! so long not writing in English..

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mdhafiz berkata...

Slow and steady....
dun be so faster...jatuh nanti..
whatever it is.. Happy Holiday.. :)

Kay- berkata...

drive carefully


Jumir berkata...


blog-tips-kurus berkata...

tq! 2 u too:-)

blog-tips-kurus berkata...

absolutely! ^_^

blog-tips-kurus berkata...

wok J,
faster?!! 'scheduled post'! @<--


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